Biodiversity Net Gain - Showcasing pioneering technology and application

  • Online and FREE to PIN members
  • 24 October 2023 15:00 - 16:00


Pioneering environmental reporting group, Map Impact, are launching a nationwide biodiversity service in November 2023, in line with the government's new legislation. This will support a wide-ranging user community (including housing associations, local government, landowners, and developers), to help them better understand the status of their land holdings and plan for increased integration of nature into their portfolios.

The service, which is primarily based on outputs from satellite data, will provide rapid screening of the landscape anywhere in England, as well as ongoing monitoring to provide evidence that improvements to nature are being made.

Within this webinar, the new service will be demonstrated in partnership with Raven Housing Trust. Raven Housing Trust are considering Biodiversity Net Gain in future developments, and setting nature based KPIs within their future master planning and net zero strategies. Using the case study of Tadworth, Surrey, the Map Impact data will indicate the baseline status of biodiversity across the estate and surrounding region and help to guide specific interventions that improve nature for the benefit of residents.

At the end of this session
• Participants will have a good understanding of how technology can support them in demonstrating net gain in biodiversity
• How nature based KPI's can support your master planning data and net zero strategies.

Who should attend?
Anyone with an interest or responsibility for sustainability, development, resident engagement, strategic asset management.


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