Appy Hour - Building impactful apps that deliver (in an hour)

  • Online event
  • 17 April 2023 10:30 - 11:30

Appy Hour - Building impactful apps that deliver (in an hour)


Come and join us and fellow DIN members as we spend an hour helping you as a leader understand not only the power of apps, the speed with which they can be built but also how they can democratise problem and solution finding across all areas of the business.

This is definitely not a tech webinar.

In the capable hands of Matt Brooke-Smith, Founder and CEO, FutureLabs we will attempt to get you up to black belt level in the world of apps and in addition build live, a working app in less than 60mins!

About this event
As a leader if you understand the need to use technology more effectively to solve customer and organisational problems then this 60mins will be a great use of your time. We are focussing on one modern transformative tech, the simple 'app' and how it has evolved to become a great business tool, that can be quickly deployed to solve a range of short and long term problems.

Part presentation, part interview, part discussion with opportunities for delegates to ask Matt directly themselves any questions they may have.

What we will cover?
Organisations suffer from a toxic cocktail of talent shortage, bureaucracy and legacy systems which make building impactful digital projects difficult. So, in just one hour we will demonstrate:
• How to create a compelling business case
• How to respond rapidly to short term pressures and demands to customer and employee problems.
• How to set and monitor goals for your Apps in order to deliver ROI
• Live App building demo, showing how to iteratively create and refine concepts.

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