A systems thinking approach to housing - The latest developments explored

  • Online event
  • 22 May 2024 10:00 - 11:00

A systems thinking approach to housing - The latest developments explored

In this critical period where tenants and residents expectations are increasing, yet satisfaction is falling, clearly delivering services in the same ways with just a few tweaks isn't going to cut it. So time to see what a different approach can make.


What will the session cover:

What happens when we use systems thinking as a way to understand and design our services with people at the centre?

We are going to look at how systems thinking can challenge us to uncover innovation and radically different solutions to the perennial problems that seem to follow us, despite what we do to fix them.


You will learn:

  • Ways to discover innovation to intractable problems.
  • How to redesign your organisation and services that is more than simply doing change or re-structuring.
  • How to enable the potential of your front line.
  • The seduction of digital implementation and how to realise its potential.
  • Data - not all of it has value so how do you make sure what you're using does


Who should be there:

  • Those who are in positions of leadership and in designing the way a service works.
  • Those who manage teams.


About our speaker:

John Mortimer has been involved with people-centred service design for 22 years. John’s approach draws on learning and applying the Vanguard method, the Liberated method and strength based work. Enhanced by deep understanding of systems thinking and complexity theory. He has developed radical approaches to housing allocations with a local authority, and has led on transforming housing repairs, voids and planned maintenance services.

He is also highly experienced and skilled at designing and facilitating creative and revelatory workshops that enable leaders, managers and professionals to improve their understanding of how their organisation is really doing, and what to do about it.


This session is free to attend as part of your DIN subscription


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