A Flood Safe House - A safe way to build homes in flood zones

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  • 26 September 2023

A Flood Safe House - A safe way to build homes in flood zones

Join us as we learn about the Hadley FloodSafe House™ a safe way to build homes in flood zones – a game changing innovation.

The numbers 

  • 250,000 new houses are built in the UK every year, 10% in flood zones 1 and 3.
  • 33 (10%) Local Authorities built 15,000 (60%) of new houses in Flood Zones

A solution
A Hadley Floodsafe House that raises up to 1.5m above flood water thus protecting the house, which means tenants/owners can return to their homes after a flood event with no costly repairs required to the house. 

About the inventor: Andrew Parker
Andrew, a builder by trade, witnessed a friend’s house be flooded and watched the devastating effect it had on his friend and his family and believed there must be a solution. He then spent the several years developing a prototype working with industry partners which has resulted in a totally innovative solution of a Floodsafe House, which will challenge the norm.

About the event 

  • A brief description of the challenges, which are only going to get worse, with climate change.
  • A brief description of the journey and how he arrived at the solution.
  • The recent successful tests on a full size house at the research facility HR Wallingford.
  • Next steps an exemplar site that the solution can unlock.

Our speakers

  • Andrew Parker – Founder - Floodjack International
  • Simon Gilliland – Director at WSP
  • John Spencer – Founder and Managing Director at Envision Solutions


Who should attend?

Anyone with an interest or responsibility for development, sustainability and new homes. 

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