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What we can help you with

The 3 problems that we look to solve within the housing sector are, High levels of no access (driving unnecessary costs and inefficiencies), Significant volumes of WisMO calls into call centres that can easily be avoided alongside reducing the impact of complaints specific to repairs and maintenance.

Our solution

The Descartes Systems Group Customer Engagement solution is a dedicated platform enabling housing associations to create a fully branded customer portal, proactively pushing key, timely information around repairs and maintenance to tenants ensuring they are aware of what is happening, when it's happening and by whom is on the way. With real time ETA tracking for operatives and a rating capability that collects feedback immediately after a service has been completed.

Case study - Paradigm Housing Group

Paradigm is one of the South East’s leading housing providers, managing 16,000 homes across 30 local authorities. Paradigm was looking for a way to provide a modern customer experience by improving communication around repair appointments.

Paradigm residents now benefit from real-time reminders and tracking, resulting in fewer carded appointments. The customer receives an SMS when the appointment is scheduled, along with an additional reminder the day before the visit. When the operative is on their way, the customer receives a further message with an arrival window and a link to the web-based portal. The portal includes an ETA countdown and a live map to track the engineer. 

Once the job is completed, the customer receives an SMS linking to the web portal, where they can provide feedback. 

Key results

  • 20-40% reduction in carded appointments for responsive repairs
  • Granular feedback helps to learn from high performers
  • 4.6 stars out of 5 from customer feedback