Data Performance Consultancy Limited

nodeStream improves productivity by enabling seamless, trusted business relationships. It is based on powerful apps, access control and real-time data sharing.


What we can help you with

The role of nodestream is to place control of data with the organisation who owns it.

Key Features that fix real problems
Today many businesses are working in data silos, which means duplicating data, increasing delays, errors and ultimately lost income. nodeStream fixes that with powerful data sharing tools.

Identity Validation & Trust
nodeStream validates the identity and credentials of organisations automatically so you can trust they are and have achieved relevant and mandatory accreditations.

Live Data Sharing
Data is seamlessly shared between authorised workflow partners. This means no duplication, no expensive delays waiting for emails, just fast, accurate workflows.

Our solution

Built Using Open Standards to Avoid Lock-in

Validation and data sharing are the foundations of digital transformation.
Our state of the art access control system is no-configuration and ensures that users have access to only the data they need for the minimum time needed to get a specific job done.

Federated Data
Data sharing is implemented through large scale data federation. Traditional multi-tenant systems mean handing over data to 3rd parties. With nodeStream you control your data including who has access to it and how.

Built on Buttress
Buttress is our open source data platform. This means that your data is never locked into nodeStream.

Case study

“DPC was referred to me by the Hartree Centre for digital engineering as a forward-thinking company with experience in delivering novel solutions based on smart cities design and management. They are pioneers in digital twin technologies and federated, de-centralised data sharing through their platform, nodestream.
DPC specialises in creating secure, performant, and highly scalable enterprise solutions based on modern web technologies and standards, paying particular attention to security and interoperability of data.
The technologies that DPC propose are of great interest to social housing as Proptech gains momentum in the sector to help manage an increasing amount of data and insight that smart cities can bring.

Lee Reevell – Head of Innovation & Architecture, Halton Housing.