Crystal Clear Window Works

Crystal Clear has been repairing failed double glazed window units for Social Housing Organisation customers since 2009 and now provides for some 50 social housing providers nationwide.


What we can help you with

The repair process saves significant cost compared to traditional replacement activity. By renovating the existing failed unit we are also extending the life of a product that would otherwise be considered spent and therefore sent to waste streams. By avoiding this they are reducing the amount of waste that ultimately ends up in landfill. Also by avoiding the production of new replacement glass we are able to significantly reduce the amount of CO2 being produced by many 1000's of tonnes.

Our solution

Their solution for failed double glazed units is to treat them by way of an injection of our specialist polymer through the cavity of the unit. This polymer cleans the internal panes of the unit and forms a protective barrier on the glass that prevents condensation from being able to form in the future. The repair process also restores the thermal performance or U value of the unit back to the level of a new or non failed unit.

Case study - Sanctuary Housing

  • Over the period 2015 to date CCWW has restored 77% of all failed DGU's passed to them by Sanctuary Housing
  • This has meant restoring to their original clarity and thermal performance over 18000 double glazed units on their customers’ homes.
  • Using our unique repair process we have saved Sanctuary Housing more than £890,000 but just as importantly we have prevented the production of 635 Tonnes of waste glass and 692 tonnes of CO2 by avoiding new glass production.

Scott Leason – National Contract Manager at Sanctuary commented, “Crystal Clear have become an integral part of our of asset management strategy. They bring a modern and fresh response to maintenance which delivers significant added value.”