CorkSol UK

CorkSol supplies natural cork coating products for external and internal use.

What we can help you with

  • Sustainability - moving away from petrochemical problems and embracing bio based materials
  • External - render cracking, fading, staining or being eroded by sea salt
  • Internal - black spot mould and damp
  • Insulation - areas where IWI or EWI is too thick or can't be used due to planning restrictions
  • Breathability - locking moisture in or allowing it to build behind insulation
  • Air gaps and thermal bridging - solving the issue of specifiers focusing on U value instead of the bigger picture of where heat is lost
  • Cost - allowing for quick and effective retrofitting works that can be completed by multi skilled trades or maintenance teams

Our solution

We solve the issue of sustainability by using the bark of a cork tree as our raw material. The cork tree doesn't need to be felled to obtain the bark and the re-growth process absorbs 5x more CO2 than if it was left un-harvested.

Externally we solve poor looking render with corks natural flexibility and ability to resist staining and sea salt (due to where it grows). We can often overspray other renders without the need to knock off.

Internally, we prevent mould growth using corks natural thermal benefits. This increases the temperature of the wall, moving the dew point and stopping moisture condensing on the wall and being attracted to the food source.

We are also solving the problem with thicker IWI and EWI where these can't be used due to planning, affecting the character of the building or creating to many additional works. SprayCork can be used very thin without the need to remove skirtings, coving, door frames etc. It has been tested to prove it's vapor openness so won't increase moisture levels in the fabric of a building over time and it's spray ability means excellent coverage with no chance of air gaps or thermal bridging issues. Think of it like a insulating, breathable skin.



Case study

Overspray example on 3 bed semi - 120m2 to cover at £55/m2 = £6,600.
0% VAT for homeowners due to energy saving material.

Internal application for Together Housing:
Internal sloped ceilings of a flat with poor/no insulation - 60m2 to cover
Price for prep, cork spray application, plaster skim, paint and U value calculation £5628 + VAT