The Commonplace platform bridges the divide between planners and the public, driving balanced, constructive and representative feedback all into one intuitive hub.

What we can help you with

Commonplace is here to bridge the divide between you and the public and drive balanced, constructive and representative feedback. Our platform identifies the key locations and topics that communities care about, providing you with rich, data-led evidence to inform design and planning decisions.

The Commonplace platform is an integrated suite of modules and tools that you can assemble in seconds to create a bespoke engagement mobile phone and website experience to meet your engagement needs. Some customers find it helpful to think of Commonplace as Wordpress, Google Analytics, a GIS system, Google Forms, and Microsoft Excel all in one seamless package that is tailored to your specific project needs.

Our solution

Commonplace is here to bridge the divide between public and planner with an all-in-one engagement solution. Our platform: results in community-led planning decisions, removes conflict that alienate people from planning and fosters long-term trusted relationships between residents, authorities and developers. With us you can enjoy: an accessible mobile-first experience for any web-connected device, straightforward access to all community data, a dedicated support team, application-specific templates that enable you to get started quickly, a news feed that notifies the community about updates, social media integration, a customisable look and feel to reflect your brand and more!

Case study

Guinness Partnership used Commonplace in order to hear from local residents from the Northwold Estate, Hackney. The consultation objective of the engagement was to enable the local community to make informed choices about the regeneration proposals for the future of the estate. Online and offline engagement was key to ensure everyone in the community could participate. Commonplace provided an online portal where all residents could view proposals and submit their suggestions. Newman Frances were responsible for the offline engagement activities. They organised public meetings to gather community feedback in person. To ensure all of the data collected could sit in one place, they used Commonplace Survey Mode and paper forms to collect feedback at these events.

"Commonplace was a critically important part of this project. The technology worked like a dream and it helped us to get better feedback and create better relationships." Chris Jenkins - Newman Francis