Coating Materials Group

C.M.G. is sales partner of MIG-ESP Germany in the UK. MIG is a privately owned German Company founded in 2001 that manufacturesadavnced and sustainable buildings materials. It produces a thermal insulation wall coating system for improved energy performance and fire protection.

What we can help you with

Elimnates mould and fungus and makes significant energy savings both keeping rooms warm and dry in winter and cool in summer.

Our solution

  • Dry walls due to active moisture management reliminates mould and fungus
  • Healthy & hygienic antimicrobial air in all coated rooms - fine dust and pathogen particles reduction up to 99%
  • Significant energy efficiency up to 80% (IR and UR reflection)
  • Long lasting effect of bright, clean and aesthetic walls (10 year guarantee)
  • Odour neutralising and non toxic (VOC free)
  • Fire protection – non flammable class A2 

Case study

We're proud to have successfuly delivered a broad range of projects across the world for both new builds and older properties.

Areas of use:

  • Industries
  • Residential
  • Historical Buildings
  • Food, Transportation
  • Public Buildings
  • Living
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Medical Facilities.