We specialize in providing in-depth indoor environment analytics, offering actionable advice to achieve a healthier indoor environment while reducing the carbon footprint of building operations.



What we can help you with

Finding the right balance between energy efficiency, comfort, and health in building operations can be difficult. When we try to use less energy, we sometimes end up with serious issues like mold and dampness. These problems can have significant and long-lasting effects. Our goal is to help solve this puzzle by providing solutions that save energy while maintaining good indoor air quality and preventing mold and dampness from taking hold. By addressing these challenges carefully, we aim to create healthy and sustainable living spaces.


Our solution

Our approach centers on empowering occupants to maintain a healthy indoor environment by actively involving them. We continuously monitor indoor conditions, enriching our data with occupant feedback and weather data for thorough analysis. This allows us to offer concrete, proactive suggestions to ensure indoor spaces never pose health risks while maintaining stable and low energy consumption levels. Our proactive nudging strategies ensure occupants are engaged and informed, fostering a perfect balance between energy efficiency and well-being, thus preventing mold and dampness issues from arising.

Case study

A housing association confronted mounting energy expenses, putting a strain on their budget. In response, they implemented CLIMAID's system to reduce energy consumption while maintaining the well-being of their buildings and residents.

CLIMAID's system enabled the housing association to realize substantial energy savings, totaling 10-15%. This not only brought stability to their finances but also empowered them to reinvest in their properties, enhancing tenant satisfaction. This case demonstrates the value of CLIMAID's solutions for housing associations seeking cost reduction and improved energy efficiency.