Chapala Gardens

We empower people to easily grow their own food at home, indoors or outdoors - or commercially!



What we can help you with

  1. Virtually everybody does not eat enough whole food plants, nor the variety that also matters.
  2. We live in URBAN cities that are food deserts.Food is picked early and transported everywhere. Local on-demand access to your own salad or herbs is awesome!
  3. People are not being able to afford high quality food. Growing one's own produce saves money.
  4. Children (& adults) have lost connection from where food comes from. Have an experience!
  5. Intergenerational connection with family, with elders, around gardening in the home.

Our solution

We empower people to take control of their food supply, saving them TONS of money and helping them enjoy getting better nutrition into their lives

Food security - both in access and in safety: from a single Tower to a community array of 12. Grow your own food with love!

Aeroponic (soiless) technology is efficient and without tilling, weeding, or enduring pests - that propogate in soil.

The Tower practically grows itself! Closed-system watering cycles through the reservoir and up the column, with little maintenance.

Harvest your bounty regularily. Either selective picking or full harvest and re-seeding. Choose your crops!

Re-arrange your Garden! Most of the moveable feast can be easily popped out and placed in another port.





Case study - Pilgrim Terrace, Santa Barbara, CA

Pilgrim Terrace s a local Santa Barbara, CA , low- income senior housing development that has been using our Tower technology for several years now, providing produce for their own kitchens for the residents.

Pilgrim Terrace aims to empower low-income senior and disabled individuals to live independently in a supportive community that encourages and facilitates healthy nutrition, mental and physical activity, and social interaction.

Their community tower garden, which includes our system, benefits the residents and the wider community greatly. Lunch is prepared every weekday and is available at no charge to residents using vegetables grown in the garden. The overall mood at Pilgrim Terrace has drastically improved since the lunch program began. In addition to prepared lunches, the Food Bank brings their brown bag program to Pilgrim Terrace twice a month where low-income senior citizens can pick up a free bag of groceries.