Ambue "Democratises Building Decarbonisation” using innovative technology, to digitise, automate and streamline the PAS2035 retrofit process.


What we can help you with

Retrofit services (PAS2035) are costly and manual, making energy efficiency improvement expensive and slow. From multiple surveys to capture information about a property, to hand driven energy efficiency calculations that create extensive but static reports for a home that needs to be manually reworked when any changes or amendments are required. Experienced retrofit coordinators become spreadsheet and word processor drivers rather than using their skills and experience to deliver retrofit plans at scale to decarbonise homes and fight climate change.

Our solution

Ambue's technology and automation improve data capture, reduce data rework and increases process efficiency helping to reduce time and improve speed of delivery of services.

We use LiDAR and digital Retrofit Assessments to inform a 3D Building Information Model on the platform. Ambue then generates the PAS2035 Improvement Options Evaluation, Whole House Plan and other Trustmark reports required to access energy efficiency improvement grants - including the Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund (SHDF). Ambue automates and standardises the generation of technical tender specifications, enabling reliable and predictable procurement, reducing risks (and costs) from lack of data.

Case study

A small Housing Association in the West of England approached Ambue to support their WECA PAS2035 decarbonisation project. Within 12 weeks, from appointment, Ambue delivered the Retrofit Assessment, pre-procurement Coordination, and Design with planning drawings submitted for External Wall Insulation on their pepper-potted portfolio of properties across the city, including conservation areas. The Ambue internal LiDAR scans, 3D BIM and procurement specifications enabled the client, consultants and contractor to walk through each home on an online Teams call to review measures and specifications to inform procurement and pricing (without disturbing the residents with additional site visits and surveys.) The project is proceeding, and the client has reappointed Ambue for their SHDF projects.