Since 2017, Aguardio has designed IoT Sensors that help users reduce their water consumption by causing a change in behavior patterns related to the bathroom.


What we can help you with

Major cities all over the world face the threat of running out of clean water. Our mission is to address the challenge of increasing fresh water scarcity by means of easy-to-use IoT Sensors. According to the study 'At home with water' by Energy Saving Trust UK, the greatest opportunities for saving water and energy can be found in the bathroom. Also, it is estimated that at least 5-8% of all toilets leak water down from the inner rim in the toilet pan and straight out into the sewer.

Our solution

Aguardio IoT Sensors can help users reduce their water consumption and to become aware of water leaks in toilets and from taps. Reducing shower time by just one minute saves 10-15 litres of hot water, not to mention the energy that is saved as well. 

Case study - Copenhagen housing project

Within the first week after installing 600 Aguardio Leak Sensors at a housing project in Copenhagen, Denmark, multiple residents contacted their housing association responsible for the Aguardio installation and said the sensor by their toilet was beeping. Upon inspection, these toilets were indeed leaking freshwater down the inner backside of the toilet pan, and the housing association was able to take measures to repair these water leaks. We are thrilled that this project is a success so early on in the process. One leaking toilet may burden a resident with an extra water bill of anywhere between £600 to £3,200 yearly (Danish freshwater prices); therefore, identifying toilet leaks is so important to avoid this additional cost as well as avoiding unnecessary water waste for housing associations. Based on achieved results the housing association as decided to purchase 12.000 leak sensor.