Advanced Infrastructure

Advanced Infrastructure provides spatial analytics and digital twins for the energy transition, helping housing associations, developers, local authorities, distribution network operators and consultants plan the rollout of low carbon technologies, as well as manage and model the carbon impact of their building portfolios.


What we can help you with

As the UK decarbonises, millions of buildings need to decarbonise and hundreds of smart new housing developments need to connect to the grid. Identifying, planning and modelling the impact of new and existing buildings on electricity grid constraints, energy efficiency and carbon is an on-going challenge.

Grid constraints mean low carbon power is often not available where and when the power is needed and access to building data that provides evidence based energy interventions is not readily available to the likes of Housing Associations, Local Authorities and Distribution Network Operators.

Our solution

Advanced Infrastructure build, source and clean data to provide on-demand datasets which are crucial for optimising the placement, operation and business case for net zero energy interventions at city-scale or building level. Our on demand datasets include building level, socio-demographic, energy demand, transport and mobility, carbon emission factors data, grid constraints and more.

The data can be purchased as stand alone or combined with our LAEP+ software service: a cloud-based geospatial platform used to analyse the suitability of different sites for low carbon energy interventions.

Case study

Advanced Infrastructure partnered with microgrid developer CEPRO, to use their carbon data service signals to model the carbon impact of an on-site PV array and storage system. API-based carbon signals are being trialled by CEPRO to optimise the operation of on-site batteries so they charge when power is green and discharge that clean energy when the grid is dirtiest. This helps maximise the consumption of low carbon power - ensuring residents are using clean and green energy to charge their EV and power their homes.

Using Advanced Infrastructure's data, CEPRO were able to Evidenced 1.6 tonnes of CO2 emissions avoided in two months. This supported CEPRO to evidence the positive carbon impact of their microgrid to residents and investors

Advanced Infrastructure's wider building stock data has been used to model heat demand, PV suitability and triage homes for heat pump installations as part of our work with local authorities across GB.