3C Consultants Ltd

3C is one of the largest suppliers of specialist Data and Technology consultancy to the social housing sector in the UK and Ireland.



What we can help you with

3C assists organisations to achieve strategic objectives through harnessing the enormous power that can be gained from both technology and data-led insight. Our services extend across the spectrum of ICT consultancy with specialist knowledge of the social housing ICT landscape, its suppliers and emerging technologies. We assist our customers on all aspects of the digital journey, including facilitating their digital vision and then translating organisational aspirations into ICT strategy; the business case; options appraisal, procurement, implementation and assurance.

Our dedicated Data division provides a unique set of social housing focused services designed to ensure that digital business transformation is data-driven.

Our solution

3C services focus on outcomes through information and digital enablement. Our specialist Data services are designed to underpin digital transformation, providing astute data management and insight. Our pioneering, automated data quality management tool, Data Logic, offers:

  • A Data Warehouse: Collecting data from any data source into one centralised, searchable, manageable and reportable store
  • Advanced Data discovery across an entire data estate
  • Automation of data quality control
  • Compliance support including data retention and location of PII data
  • GDPR support including Improved and automated SAR's management
  • Supports culture change, identifying those responsible for poor data entry


Case study

3C assisted Westward with many elements of IT strategy and to analyse vast quantities of data, identifying inconsistencies across multiple data sources. This enabled Westward to expand its view of data, adding layers of insight and reconciling information to remove anomalies. Data Logic is providing a sustainable way of managing data quality, underpinning Westward’s ‘Evolve’ transformation programme.

"The use of Data Logic has been a game changer in improving the ease and speed of analysing data quality. With 3C’s help, we will be able to continue improving the quality of our data and maintaining it into the future. We now have data we can trust and can provide assurance to the Westward board that the data we are using to drive the business is of excellent quality."
Barbara Shaw
CEO of Westward